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KLM Empowered Feeds 5, 777 Underprivileged South Africans

Written by: LeadSA

Leading Private FET College and skills development enterprise in Bruma, Johannesburg, KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists, issued a challenge to their Learners: to go big, give big and make a big difference through a social outreach initiative, the 275 Big Hearts Campaign.

Birthed by KLM Empowered and inspired by Lead SA’s Movement for Good, the 275 Big Hearts Challenge sounded a call on the 31st of July 2017 for 351 Learners nationwide to beat a previous Learner challenge of distributing 275 lunch packs to disadvantaged community members in their neighborhoods, beachfronts, streets and shelters.

It was KZN PG Bison and Unitrans Learner Group that set the 275 record year previous, leading to a national call for Learners to break the record, by the 31st of August 2017.

The results were staggering, with 14 KLM Empowered Learner groups participating in the initiative from around South Africa, showing their commitment to uplifting their communities with an act of kindness. Images and video content received from each group was showcased on KLM Empowered’s Facebook page, motivating Learners and corporate sponsors to follow, sponsor and support.

“It was truly incredible to see how the 275 Big Hearts Challenge enthused, moved and inspired our Learners who themselves come from disadvantaged backgrounds”

Lyn Mansour,CEO

“it was outstanding to see how the challenge, driven by Project Manager Nontombi Mkosana, encouraged co-participant sponsors and clients to get involved and make a difference of their own. This is how you transform a nation, by giving its people the opportunity to not only learn from textbooks but to also grow and experience as a whole with humility,”

Lyn Mansour,CEO

It was the DSV Global Transport and Logistics Group in Johannesburg that beat the 275 Challenge with a staggering 923 lunch packs distributed over a short space of 4 weeks – supervised by KLM Empowered’s Business Administration NQF 4 facilitator, Ms. Maryne Botha.

Packing a near second place with a total of 650 lunch packs was the Project Management NQF 4 Learner Group of MultiChoice KZN, supervised by facilitator Mr Laven Monisami.

The Movement For Good Initiative is integrated into the learning outcomes of all qualifications offered by KLM Empowered, encouraging active community involvement from Learners, which is scored against their qualification credits.

Through implementing purpose-driven education, KLM Empowered believes participant Learners will develop the vital EQ and IQ capacity needed for improved future leadership in South Africa.

This year Lyn Mansour, CEO and Founder of KLM Empowered, was awarded the CEO Africa 2017 title for her commendable and constant efforts towards employee, Learner and community empowering initiatives and contributions, as has been the case since the inception of KLM Empowered in 2005.

As a Level 1 B- BBEE project management and skills development company, KLM Empowered continues to service Government and Corporate sectors providing world-class purpose-driven education that stands for more than just IQ; it’s about human transformation.

For more information on how to get involved in KLM Empowered’s annual social initiatives visit www.klmempowered.com or email Ubuntu@klmempowered.com

Written by Room 206

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