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Lead SA applauds harsh sentencing for rhino poacher

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Lead SA welcomes the sentencing of Chumlong Lemtongthai to 40 years in jail following his confession that he organised bogus trophy hunts to sell rhino horns on the black market.

“This sends a strong message to those involved in poaching syndicates that South Africa is serious about the fight against rhino poaching,” said Lead SA.

“With the tally of rhino deaths climbing past 520 for this year alone, we have to escalate our efforts to protect these majestic animals, which are part of the heritage of our country.”

Lead SA has brought together various stakeholders working towards protecting our rhinos to form the Rhino Action Group Effort which has successfully raised R5 million for various anti-poaching initiatives. To learn more about these projects or to get involved visit

For the full story on Lemtongthai visit

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