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National Whistleblowing Week Campaign

Corruption and fraud costs South Africans over R100 billion each year. In
addition corruption eats at the very fabric of our society. It loses us
international investment, diminishes our trust in public institutions and
fosters a culture of impunity.

According to a 2010 report by international audit firm BDO, South
Africa “boasts the world’s second highest incidence of corporate fraud
and corruption.” Transparency International ranks our country 55th of
180 in their 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index. Global Financial Integrity,
a Washington based research group, calculates that R185 billion of
illegal money left South Africa since 1994. This excludes money lost to
illegal activities such as smuggling and money laundering, making the
real figure much higher.

Imagine how many jobs could have been created, schools and
hospitals built, roads and bridges constructed with this money. It is time
to stem the tide.

Fighting corruption starts with individuals. Small acts of courage can
have a massive impact. Enron. The Arms Deal. The death of Steve Biko.
Wikileaks. These scandals, and many others, were brought to light by
brave individuals who were willing to take a stand.

For this reason the Open Democracy Advice Centre is
launching a National Whistleblowing Week Campaign from 17-23 October 2011.
ODAC has a long track record in giving legal advice to whistle-blowers
and in some cases, fighting cases on their behalf. The campaign will
encourage prospective whistleblowers to blow the whistle safely,
guided by expert help and an understanding of the Whistleblowing

The campaign will include:
- The launch of the national whistleblowing helpline: 0800-WHISTLE
- The launch of the national whistleblowing website: www.blowthewhistle.org.za. The website willgive quick and easy answers on when and how to blow the whistle
- Public service announcements by campaign ambassadors Xolani Gwala, Max du Preez, John Perlman and others
- Public events to be held during the week of 17-23 October 2011
- Print and radio debates on the impact of whistleblowing on fraud and corruption
- A social networking campaign that can be supported at www.facebook.com/www.blowthewhistle.org.za
A viral internet campaign

For more info contact:
Naashon Zalk,Naashon Zalk Media, email or call 084-869-3935
Beverley Houston, Media Spot, email or call 082-824-8617

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