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Youth Day Twitter Takover

"Youth Month offers us an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made,specifically in 1976.As young South Africans we need to carry their flag of determination and justice"-Jesrael Jacobs

Taking over our social media on Youth Day is Jesrael Jacobs.We caught with our Future Leader before his social media takeover tomorrow.

Here are a few a facts about Jesrael

  • Your full name and what you do

Jesrael Dillon Jacobs; student.

  • Do you study,and if so what do you study?

Yes, I am a Second Year student at the University of Cape Town, studying a BCom Financial Accounting: Chartered Accounting Stream Degree

  • What is you favourite thing about south Africa?

What I love the most about South Africa is its unrivalled natural and artistic beauty in both its people and its landscapes.

A country with a rich cultural framework and an infinite potential for reconciliation and unity.

  • What is a normal day like for you?

A normal day for me would be picking my left, logical brain in a lecture about Management Accounting or Corporate Finance.

For any other time outside of this scenario, I would be tapping into my right, creative brain whether its film editing, dancing/choreographing, or just having meaningful, enjoyable conversation with family and friends.

  • Who is your favourite South African and why?

As cheesy as it may sound, my example of a "Favourite South African" would be anyone who is selfless in their actions, and compassionate in their interactions. Someone who is aware of our country's past, but not enslaved to it.

It is someone who understands that kindness and integrity are qualities of unshakeable strength and are not indicators of weakness.

So if anyone exhibits these qualities, then they're my FAVOURITE person!

  •  What would you do if you were the president of SA

I would address our education system that continues to lower the bar for our students. I believe an education system that first appeals to the creativity of the learner is a system that will see more free-thinking, independent students, whose self-esteem would otherwise be eroded due to "one-size-fits-all" examinations and tests.

  •  Do you have hobbies or activities you like?

I have a huge passion for dance, drama and theatre, hence my 13-year commitment to the Performing Arts. As much as I enjoy working the cogent, logical left-brain, I am a firm believer of stimulating the creative right brain just as much. In search of another outlet for my creativity, I grew to love video editing. Playing with different angles, special effects and musical pieces excites me just as much as performing on a stage does.

  •  Is there anyone you would like to get a Retweet from?

Ellen DeGeneres. She is the coolest 57-year old I know.




  • Why did you want to take part in the Future Leaders workshop?

LeadSA, in my opinion, is one of South Africa's premier leadership organisations. When the opportunity arose to partake in the Future Leaders Workshop, I willingly obliged because I believed that the workshop would offer me a valuable introspection.


  • What is the one thing you took from the workshop?

The workshop afforded me the opportunity to realize my inherent capacity to lead without boundaries.



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