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Jessica Makanga-Twitter Handover

To celebrate Youth month we have been handing over our social media accounts to a  group of inspiring South Africans called the Future Leaders.

We caught up with Jessica ahead of her Takeover:

  • Your full name and what you do

Jessica Makanga a business administration student at business school .

  • Do you study,and if so what do you study?

I studied finance through CTI now doing my BBA at TsIba

  • What is you favourite thing about South Africa?

freedom of expression

the fact that i can have shisa nyama next door and in the next street fine dining at the V&A

also mountains, wineroute, beaches and sand dunes all in one.

  •  What is a normal day like for you?

School, gym, home, skype with the family and studying.
On the weekends i volunteer at the library and then just spend time with other foreign students.

  • Who is your favourite South African and why?

My favourite South African has to be Amanda Juries . She embodies the true spirit of Ubuntu. she has groomed me into the womna i am today. he teaching goes beyond the classroom. she is  my main motivator for wanting to succeed, teachers play a huge role in your life, and anyone who has been through any of her classes has left not just educated academically but holistically.

  • What would you do if you were the president of SA

change the pass rate to 50%

national refugee day in order to make people understand that xenophobia is an abomination

also, free internet access.


  • Do you have hobbies or activities you like?

Learning new languages

Entering debates

Making biltong

  •  Is there anyone you would like to get a Retweet from?

Ryan O'connor



  •  Why did you want to take part in the Future Leaders workshop?

After studies, earning an income to benefit myslef and family seemed a little selfish.Having leadership skills in order to hep develop others so that they too can help themselves seemed liked a better option.

I am aware people from my country do not get the opportunies i do. Being equipped with leadership skills to help them be better then helps society as a whole.

Nothing is more fulfulling that being a leader in your own life, so that u can help someone else.

  • What is the one thing you took from the workshop?

Be comfortable in telling your story.

Your story is the first step in letting people be comfortable with you in order for you to find ways to help them.

Also we each possess such a strong presence that we too are scared to dapper in.

oh, i was born in Gabon, mom is from Angola and dad from The republic of Congo.

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