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Maties' Hippokrates needs your help

Date: 3 - 9 December 2014

Hippokrates Residence is a mixed residence of the University of Stellenbosch, located on Tygerberg Medical Campus.

This residence has 270 students, determined to strive for excellence, becoming extraordinary leaders and Health Care professionals.

Hippokrates residence is driven by five values:

  • Respect

  • Excellence

  • Dignity

  • Transparency

  • Diversity

Since 1976, each hippokrates resident has been driven by these values and still in 2014 all residence members are extremely proud to have Hippokrates as their home.

Stellenbosch University’s annual MAD² event will be taking place January 2015.

All funds raised at this event will be contribute towards Maties Community Service , a non-profit organisation that is part of numerous charity projects all over the Western Cape.

MAD² consists of numerous events such as:

  • “Bondelsport”

  • Clusterday

  • “Vensters”

  • Street “March for Madness”

  • MCS day

About 250 000 people attend every year.

In order for MAD² to be successful, every Stellenbosch residence collaborates with another to raise funds for these events.

Hippokrates and Huis Francie van Zijl will be going on a week-long MAD² tour to raise as much funds as possible from 3 - 9 December 2014.

How you can help

For this week to be successful we need:

  • Camping accommodation

  • Food

  • Petrol

We would love to work together with you in making this fundraising event a huge success and kindly request your donation and /or sponsorship.

This event creates an ideal opportunity for your company as the company name will be seen or our T-Shirts, gazebo’s, stalls, etc.

The type of exposure that you would prefer is negotiable.

For more information, please contact:

Lead SA Future Leader, Tracy Ward
MB,ChB I, Hippokrates Residence representative

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